Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep in mind that the prices on the services tab are estimates for an average condition of the interior and exterior. If there is excessive dirt or if the vehicle is oversized (such as a dually truck), the price will vary accordingly.

I have scheduled my appointment, how long will it take to have my car fully detailed?

We usually will spend 4 hours or more when detailing both the exterior and interior, but the time will greatly depend on the overall condition of your vehicle. Subsequent maintenance visits should take less time, after we have completer a Complete Detail.

Do I have to remove all my belongings from my car?

It is something we really appreciate since it saves us time that can be dedicate to the thorough detail of your car, especially the center console and driver’s door panel. If not possible that is OK, we’ll put all your valuables in a zip lock bag and hand it to you.

Will you need access to electricity and running water?

Usually when we are performing a medium or advanced detail on your car, we will need an outlet to connect our equipment (steamer, hot water extractor, air compressor).

What is “clay bar application”?

You can compare a clay bar to a deep skin cleanser. It removes the contamination that you cannot see after the car has been washed. Once the contamination has been removed, the wax will stay longer on your paint giving more protection.